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The landscape of the Chablis crossed by the river the Serein, horses in great shape, a professional horse tourist guide : the association À Cheval dans l'Yonne was created for curious persons who want to discover unexpected landscapes, and for lovers of these fantastic animals. Here is the portraits gallery of your future horse, which stand out for their good personality, and which Marine will choose for each of participants.


If you live in Auxerre, Sens, Migennes, Joigny, Saint-Florentin, Tonnerre, more generally in Yonne and even beyond : Chablis and its landscape offer you during horseback rides in small groups, in the heart of one of the major vineyards of Burgundy.





Gelding – Appaloosa – 7 years old

« Doudou » cool in all circurmstances, very easy for all kind of riders




Mare – Belgian draft horse – 15 years old

Délice is as big as kind ! She has her fan club because she is very nice



Gelding – Comtois x Paint – 7 years old

P’tit Jack loves kisses ! He'is a very good swimmer




Mare – Breton draft horse – 8 years old

« La Ginette » love playing in the water and good for experienced riders



Gelding – Camargue – 20 years old

Lead horse of Marine







Mare – Comtois Draft Horse – 18 years old

Samba is the perfect mare for beginners, she will put you at ease and be able to enjoy the landscapes in complete peace on her back





Gelding – Halfinger X Comtois draft horse – 7 years old

Gamin is a big and curious player !

A small horse, which is good for experienced riders who want to enjoy

the outdoor horseback riding





Mare– Camargue – 17 years old


A nice mare, which is good for experienced riders and beginners too

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A Cheval dans l'Yonne